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We are the Waldorf Association in Ferrara.
We offer all Waldorf classes, the Possibility of staying with us at an inexpensive rate.  We are situated in the town centre of Ferrara with countryside all around.
We have a huge canopy with a wooden floor and can accommodate up to 60 students from April onwards.  We are 20 minutes walk from the local train station and three beautiful cities, namely: Florence, Venice and Ravenna are between 30 and 90 minutes away by train.For information, please contact Mattia on: +39 348 91 34 604 (mobile phone) or email on: info@nuovateraviva.org

We also in the 2011 year in May we hosted a 17 Danish students group Waldorf School of Aalborg, Denmark, Tyge Brahesvej 15, DK 9000 Aalborgeacher:  Hans PeterRasmussen Tlf. +45 98 16 89 19 // 40 87 45 32   hprforedrag@gmail.com